Room hire rates for regular users

Hauxton Centre

Room hire rates for regular users


Mon-Fri Morning
Mon-Fri Afternoon
Mon-Thurs Evening
Sat or Sun Morning
Session time 9am – 1pm 1.30pm – 5.30pm 6pm – 10.30pm 9am – 1pm
Whole hall £35 £35 £45 £50
Large hall £30 £30 £38 £45
Small hall £25 £25 £33 £40

NB. The above rates are structured on the basis of local groups; any prospective large or outside group wishing to use the Centre, must contact the Bookings Manager for a quotation.

The kitchen is connected to the large hall, but whilst multiple regular clubs are using the building, the kitchen will be shared with other regular user groups for making tea and coffee.

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Questions? Contact: John Hammond,, Tel: 01223 872680
(updated 16 3 2021)