Children’s Playground

The playground is on the recreation ground and when the new village hall is finished it will be adjacent to it, with the indoor and outside seating areas of the coffee bar overlooking it. The playground was opened on 29 March 2018.

The play equipment includes:

Zip-wire of 20 metres length
Five way swing
Bird’s nest basket swing
Two seat cradle swing
Robinia climbing frame
Parcour 4
Trampoline circus
Galaxy Saturn Carousel
Toddler area with Toddler ship, sand pit, Pony seesaw, climbing frame with slides and rocking elephant.

If you spot any issues with any of the equipment please advise the parish Clerk, John Hammond on or 01223 872680

A bench seat has been located within the fenced toddler area.  Picnic tables and seats are around the area.
The 7-a-side football pitch has been re-layed out and new nets, with safety fixings, put on the existing goals which have been securely relocated.
The existing basketball practice court has been cleaned up and a new net put on the existing hoop and backboard.

Our grass maintenance contractor is now brushing and blowing the sand in the toddler area back into sand pit, each time the grass is cut, ie every two weeks.  If anyone wants to do this in the meantime, please feel free to use the brushes stored in the shed near the basketball court.

On a separate note, we are regularly finding items of clothing being left around the playground.  If you or your child have lost items, please check on the Rec.  Items will be collected and left in a container on the site for a limited time before being disposed of.

(updated 17 2 2020)