Who are your parish councillors?

Hauxton Parish Council consists of nine councillors, and a part-time Parish Clerk/Financial Officer.  We would be pleased to hear from any resident or anyone who works in Hauxton if you are interested in joining us. The councillors are:

Jane Ward – Chair (01223 870930) email: chair@hauxton.net
Jane is also chair of the Village Hall Charity for which the Parish Council is the Sole Corporate Trustee. Jane is on the Sports Ground Committee.  As Chair, Jane is automatically also on the Hauxton Town Lands Charity (Reg 202961) which is responsible for the village green.

Jane Ward, click for larger image

Janet Lockwood email: Janet@hauxton.net

Janet Lockwood

Gary Page email: Gary@hauxton.net
Gary is on the Sports Ground Committee and responsible for football.

Gary Page

Jill Down email: Jill@hauxton.net

Caroline Ruben email: Caroline@hauxton.net

Pondori Kurade email: Pondori@hauxton.net
Pondori is on the Sports Ground Committee, and responsible for cricket.

Pramod Mynampati Pramod@hauxton.net

All Parish Councillors are volunteers.

Parish Council Clerk is:

George Cooper clerk@hauxton.net


Councillors Brian Milnes and Maria King represent Hauxton at Cambridgeshire County Council.

The South Cambs District of Harston and Comberton, which includes Hauxton, is represented by three Councillors – Ian Sollom, Tony Mason and one other – currently vacant.