Fundraising: Riddy Brook Fairies


In a faraway wood, where sun shines and beams,
Magical creatures just like in your dreams
Live in the cutest little homes
Made out of sticks and stones
They are painted in pink, yellow and blue
And would like you to take them home with you!

The fairies from Riddy Brook Forest have brought so much magic and joy to the people visiting since their appearance and have received lots of love back. To thank these wonderful people, they would like to help raise money for their new Village Hall- but how…?

Well… they’ve thought of a solution!  How would you like to have your very own fairy friend to look after your garden? Now you can! The fairies would love to make you a personalised fairy house- all they ask in return is to be loved.  Plus, the money made from each fairy adoption will go towards building a great community space. Let the fairies do their magic…

Valentina and Isabella have been busy creating the fairy houses in the photos and all profits are going towards the Hauxton Centre (new village hall)

Each individual piece can include a name or address and adoption certificate.  You can choose one of these (or ask for something similar if it sells).  Some pieces are free standing, some to attach to a tree/ fence.   Preferred colour options may be possible.  If there is one in the forest which you would like it to be similar to please send a photo,

Orders directly to Valentina or by email including your phone number and any requests

Cost £15 each