East West Rail Plans

East West Rail (EWR) is responsible for planning a railway from Oxford to Cambridge, using existing tracks where possible and building new sections where necessary, such as between Cambourne and Cambridge. EWR has proposed a preferred southern route passing through Harlton, Haslingfield, Harston, Hauxton, and Shelford to Cambridge South station.

Impact on Hauxton from the southern route includes:

– Closure of the level crossing, requiring all car journeys to Shelford and beyond to use London Road. Walkers and cyclists will still have passage. Other level crossings in Harston and Shelford will also close, with no new stations planned for residents.
– Donkey Lane, currently a byway open to all traffic, may become a shortcut and potentially serve new developments.
– Construction will cause significant noise, air pollution, and road damage, as seen in Bedford.

Local consultation by EWR has been criticized for involving Parish Councils only in specific vertical sections through the north, south, and the City, which oppose the railway through their areas. This has effectively sidelined broader local input.

Michael Gove’s plans for more housing to accommodate extra workers have not been integrated with the Local Plan from South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) and the City. This could lead to urban sprawl around Cambridge, including Hauxton and Shelford, extending towards Harston, and exacerbating water supply issues, with new supplies not expected until the 2030s. For more details, see the joint statement from local leaders and the Combined Authority Mayor on the Cambridge 2040 announcement.

Hauxton Parish Council has been represented at several EWR meetings. There has been little response from EWR to these concerns.

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