River Cam and Riddy area

River Cam
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Following comments from some residents about the clarity of the water in the River Cam, Rob Mungovan the Ecology Consultancy Officer at South Cambs DC has commented as follows: “The recent desilting behind the mill has resulted in high levels of algae whilst the river settles down again and plants become established. The Cam catchment is much better than the river Rhee and still has a gravel bed in most places resulting is less suspended sediment. At Hauxton the river is shallow so it may often look clear. I would suggest that any persons concerned should take a look in Trumpington Meadows where the river slows and is deeper to see if that reach is holding a higher level of suspended sediment than would be expected.
The EA are the body that any suspected pollution should be notified to on 0800 807060.

Tree works by the Cam and Riddy

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In order to meet the aims of the approved Rivers Corridor Ecology Management Plan associated with the development, a large amount of tree work  has taken place and this represents the first phase of managing the tree stock and letting more light into parts of the river environment.

Formal consent was granted for those trees subject to a TPO (generally in the vicinity of the mill), others have been accepted for works and have been marked with yellow spray paint.
In summary the works included:

Re-pollarding of existing riverside willows.
High pollard of weeping willows fronting the A10
Removal of small sycamore trees
Removal of conifers to open view to the North Meadow
Coppicing of selected hazel
Thinning of some hornbeams (plus other trees) in the Riddy Island copse
Pollarding of some hawthorns in the Riddy Island copse
Thinning of some willows and creation of new pollards opposite the back weir pool
Removal of dense spindle growth to clear banks of mill head
Removal of blackthorn growth to open view along river to mill

For the full River Corridor Ecology Management Plan click here > River Corridor Ecology Management Plan.