Village Hall Management Committee

Village Hall-smThe village hall is run by a team of volunteers made up from elected villagers and representatives from regular user groups hiring the village hall.

The team of volunteers is called the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) and they are all Trustees. The VHMC are actually the Managing Trustees of the village hall charity. The Parish Council are the Custodian Trustees of the village hall. For an explanation of these roles see here.

Every year at the AGM of the VHMC (which is a meeting open to the public) all of the elected members of the committee stand down and anyone wishing to get involved with the running of the village hall puts themselves forward for sitting on the VHMC.  If there are more people than places a vote is taken.

The AGM is usually in April.

The current members of the Village Hall Management Committee are:

  • Elected Trustees
    • Simon Burgin – Acting Chair – email:
    • Jo Beresford-Knox – Vice Chair
    • Sophie Cox – Treasurer
    • John Edridge
  • Representing the WI
    • Margaret Draper
    • Ann Walter
  • Representing St Edmund’s Church
    • Rosemary Edridge
    • Janet Lockwood – Secretary
  • Representing the Parish Council
    • Sue Cook
    • Jane Ward
  • Co-opted members
    • Roger Cook – Hall Bookings
    • Owen Patman – Hall Manager