Parent & Toddlers

Our new Hauxton Baby and Toddler Group ‘Little Acorns’ has been running for just over 2 months now and has become a popular highlight with lots of our village families. Many of us hadn’t really met anyone else in the village despite having lived here for some time so it was brilliant to find out that there are so many other families within walking distance!

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated toys to the group. We have large area with soft play mats and various sensory toys for the babies. Our toddlers and older children are enjoying the pop up tent, ride on bikes, hula hoops, foam hop-scotch, dressing up clothes and weekly craft activities. As the weather starts to get better we look forward to also using the enclosed garden behind the hall. I know the adults have enjoyed the freshly baked cakes, cups of tea/coffee and the flexibility to pop in at a time that suits their family routine. It’s also a bonus having somewhere so close that only costs £2 per family on a weekly basis which means no commitment to sign up for a term or to spend large quantities of money to bring several children to the same group.

Having a group at the centre of our community has provided an opportunity for many of the new young families, from both the old village and from Hauxton Meadows, to meet and make friends in a central location. Everyone is welcome from Hauxton (and other surrounding villages) so feel free to come along and bring your little ones to join us on a Tuesday morning.

Volunteers Welcome….

We’d love a small group of people willing to come and help to welcome our families when they arrive, write out name stickers, collect money and help hand out cake and biscuits! If there is anyone in the village who would like to come along and help out either on a regular or rotational basis then please let Jane Ward know. You don’t have to bring any of your own children and this may suit people whose children have grown up/started school but they would still like to be part of this growing community!

Please contact Jane Ward by email:

(updated: 11/5/2017)