M11 northbound to A14 eastbound slip road closure

Please note that the slip road from the northbound M11 to the eastbound A14 will be closed from 9pm Monday 24 September  for around 3 weeks due to works by Highways England (the closure will be 24/7). The diversion will be to carry on along the westbound A14 to J30 (Dry Drayton), go over the flyover and onto the A14 eastbound. This is likely to cause additional congestion during peak times.  Click on images for larger version.

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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Local Plan – Rectory Farm

Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council are in the process of writing a new joint Minerals and Waste Local Plan. This plan will seek to ensure an adequate supply of minerals and waste management facilities over the period to 2036, including policies for determining planning applications for such development.

Over May and June this year, the councils prepared a preliminary draft of the new plan, seeking views on the proposed wording of these policies, and also asking landowners, agents and operators to submit their suggested sites for future mineral and waste management development. A number of suggested sites were received.  Amongst those, was a suggested site of 64.7Ha on Rectory Farm just off the A10 opposite Church Road.  If agreed, this is forecast to have between 100 and 140 lorry movements per day off the A10.

During September parish and town councils will be invited to consult on these sites in order to capture any relevant knowledge of the local area or suggested sites, and views on the potential use/after-use proposed. It is the intention of the Hauxton Parish Council to fight against this proposal.

We understand links to the site information will be provided when the consultation is sent out, and approximately 8 weeks will be allowed for replies to be made. Any replies will be taken into account in the assessment of the sites.  It is important to note that no assessment has been made by the councils of these suggested sites and the councils have not come to any view on their suitability or otherwise. The sites have been suggested to the councils, not by the councils. The next stage of the plan process is for the County Council to consider all comments made, along with those already received at the preliminary draft consultation stage, and to prepare a further draft local plan for consultation in Spring 2019.

For more detailed information on the Rectory Farm submission, see here: Site – PDE – Rectory Farm. (PDF 6MB)

Whilst there is as yet no public consultation (that will take place in Spring 2019), anyone concerned can send objections to before 31 October 2018.