Public land and building assets

The following is a list of all public land and building assets for which Hauxton Parish Council is responsible. This information is provided under the “Transparency code for smaller authorities”, contained within the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014.

The open green spaces are illustrated on the map below (Click for larger image)  Additionally with effect from 8 September 2015 the Hauxton Sports Ground (formerly the sports field belonging to the Bayer Sports and Social Club) was transferred to the Parish Council and is now owned and managed by them. Open green spaces in central Hauxton

The Village Hall
Church Road
Hauxton CB22 5HS

The Parish Council are the Custodian Trustees. The Village Hall Management Committee are the Managing Trustees (Charity Reg. No. 272354)
The village hall was purchased by the Parish Council for the sum of £10,100 on 30 April 1976.

Hauxton Sports Ground
Cambridge Road
Hauxton CB22 5HT

This green space occupies 1.87 Ha on the western side of the A10 opposite Hauxton Meadows. In the season 2017/18 it had three football pitches of differing sizes, as follows:
11v11 – 90m x 53m, with 24’ x 8’ and 21’ x 7’ goals
9v9 – 66m x 41m, with 16’ x 7’ goals
7v7 – 56m x 37m, with 12’ x 6’ goals

For more information click here.

Recreation Ground
Church Road
Hauxton CB22 5HS

This large open green space with football pitch and children’s play area occupies 1.32 Ha in the middle of the village.
If you would like to make use of the Recreation Ground for an event, please see the Recreation ground rules of use. (PDF file: 97kB).

Willow Way Amenity Area
East of Willow Way

This green space occupies 0.66 Ha

Willow Way woods 1
The Parish Council have recently invested in an operation to clear the undergrowth in the wooded area of Willow Way to provide better access for families and children. This area had become impenetrable due to brambles, elder and nettles.
willow way goals
Also to encourage use by youngsters in Jopling Way, Willow Way and the Lane area, new goals have been installed, complete with nets.

Land north of Jopling Way, Hauxton.

This green space occupies 0.11 Ha.

Hauxton Village Green
Church Road
Hauxton CB22 5HS

This green space is owned by the Hauxton Town Lands Trust (Charity Reg. No. 202961). The Parish Council manages the land on their behalf, eg grass cutting, tree management, etc.