Hauxton Consultative Committee

This committee was set up as a condition of the planning process for the development of the old Bayer factory site. Its function is to be a forum to discuss issues and concerns relating to the site development. Initially it consisted of representatives from all those involved including Hauxton Parish Council, South Cambs District Council, The Environment Agency, Harrow Estates, The Health Protection Agency, Vertase FLI, Atkins and Cambridgeshire County. Since commencement of building in 2015 this forum has been scaled down to include Hauxton Parish Council, South Cambs District Council and Redrow Midlands.
(updated 15/7/2016)

The Committee is chaired by Janet Lockwood, Hauxton Parish Councillor and South Cambs District Councillor.

Minutes of meetings:
16 5 2017 (Harrow only)
15 3 2017
28 6 2016
24 4 2016
24 9 2015
23 4 2015 (Chair’s notes)